Русский We designed Stampsy for the visually-driven, those who prefer to express ideas with images over text. Stampsy enables these visual experiences to be shared online, while maintaining a sense of depth.

Each unit of content on Stampsy is called a “Stamp”

These Stamps have the capacity to go viral without losing their context, making them more enduring than an Instagram post, but more dynamic than a portfolio site.

Stampsy can be used by everyone from professional photographers to creative individuals. Whether your visual experience is a photo story, visual essay, moodboard or a look book, all it takes is the press of a button to revel in the sense of accomplishment that comes when you know you’ve put your best work out into the world.

Stampsy organizes content around "collections" that focus on specific topics or themes. Being a curator of such a collection is like being an editor of a popular magazine, but without all the costs and difficulties associated with producing media publication of your own.

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